Grosvenor Contracts Leasing

Grosvenor Contracts Leasing

Private Sector Commercial Fleet (Small to Medium)

The Grosvenor Group is the UK’s largest privately-owned contract hire and fleet management specialist and one of the largest fleet sector companies to have resisted the temptation to adopt a process driven, call centre culture – instead offering customers a level of attention and support that leads to ongoing cost savings and a greener future.

It’s 0Zone solution has been helping companies with vehicle fleets make the smooth transition to ULEVs and EVs for 5 years and, when launched, 0Zone was a pioneering initiative in the fleet sector.

Completely unrivalled from the moment it was unveiled, its growing success has led to multiple awards thanks to the important impact it has had on driving down emissions.

Major businesses such as Tata Steel, Glenmorangie Whisky, Weetabix and the Salvation Army Trading Company have all benefited from the support of the 0Zone team.

As a result of their success in driving forward the green agenda and tirelessly building ULEV and EV company car choice lists and policies, last month in the region of 80% of the Grosvenor Group’s new vehicle deliveries were either hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric - making a very significant contribution towards a zero emission future.