Green Motion

Green Motion, the world's first and only true environmentally focused rent a car company, is pleased to once again support the GreenFleet Awards.


The electric vehicle revolution is well underway and sales of EVs are accelerating with an estimated 2 million on the world’s roads today.


As an industry-leading developer of fleet management technologies, we recognise our role in protecting the environment and helping our clients and partners to build a green economy not only across the UK, but throughout our global footprint. Geotab is committed to integrate sustainable best practices into our decision-making and business activities worldwide. For these reasons, we are proud to support the GreenFleet Awards.

Odo Drive – Fleet Management Made Easy

Odo Drive – Fleet Management Made Easy

Managing a fleet used to be complicated, mountains of paperwork, unexpected charges, time-consuming admin, and countless legal responsibilities. At ODO, we thought things could be a lot simpler.

ODO is easy to use fleet management software with a mobile interface and telematics inside. It runs in the Oracle cloud, meaning businesses can manage their fleet and their drivers on the go, using any kind of device.