Private Sector Fleet of the Year (Small to Medium)

Awarding the UK private sector organisation with a fleet of less than 300 vehicles that can demonstrate a reduction in CO₂ and other pollutants through fuel efficiency programmes, green fleet management and driver awareness training.

2017 Winner

BAE Systems Maritime Services

Private Sector Fleet of the Year (Small to Medium) winner: BAE Systems Maritime Services
BAE Systems runs all aspects of Portsmouth Naval Base on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), including the van fleet to support the running of the base. There was a strong desire to introduce pure electric vehicles as the majority of driving was low speed and short distances. Working with Lex Autolease’s Consultancy, BAE utilised temporary telematics and their commercial vehicle engineers to identify 48 opportunities for the electric Nissan eNV200. Information from the telematics not only showed the best locations for charging points, but also showed that only 26 charging points were required to service 48 vehicles.

BAE estimates that this change will yield a £360,000 cost saving over the next 2 years and ensured all other diesel vehicles were best of breed for emissions. The environmental benefits and cost savings mean the MOD is now looking to replicate it at other bases and BAE Sites.


Jersey Post Group
During the last 24 months, Jersey Post Group has successfully introduced a number of significant changes and has worked hard to encourage improvements in driver behaviour that will ultimately reduce fuel consumption, pollution as well as day-to day operating costs. These include in-vehicle telematics, a Traka monitoring system and a Merridale fuel monitoring system. All drivers were given a detailed presentation by BRAKE the Road safety charity, highlighting improvements and consequences of poor driving behaviours. After trialling a number of different options over an extensive period, Jersey Post purchased its first fifteen electric vans (e-NV200s), 22 electric bicycles and a Renault ‘Twizzy’ (for in-town courier work) in 2016. In July this year, 15 more e-NV200s were introduced along with an electric LDV van. The company intends to purchase an additional 15 Electric vans in 2018, which will then make up half of its fleet, introduced without any government funding.

Gnewt Cargo
Launched in 2009, Gnewt Cargo is a FORS accredited, last mile logistics company operating in the Central London congestion charge zone using a fully electric fleet of circa 100 vehicles. The company set-up its second major Central London site this year. Environmental impact is measured through independent assessment of emissions (independently verified by the University of Westminster to cut CO2 emitted per parcel by 67 per cent and 71 per cent NOX on like for like deliveries).

So far, Gnewt has delivered over 10 million parcels since 2009, emission free and in the process saved over a kiloton of carbon. In Aug 2017 Menzies Plc acquired 100% ownership of Gnewt to accelerate the company’s expansion plans. This year also saw the successful award of funding from Innovate UK to support Gnewt in the Low Emission Freight Trial designed to incubate and accelerate innovation and electrification in fleets. Gnewt has just received the first batch of over 25 proof of concept electric vehicles this month and will begin real world trials and testing this Christmas.

2016 Winner

Jersey Post

Jersey Post’s all-electric postal vans from Nissan will deliver the mail on routes across Jersey with more ease. The purchase follows an extensive 18-month trial, working with the local Nissan dealer. The addition of the advanced all-electric vans will reduce Jersey Post’s carbon footprint by 35 tonnes a year, with each Nissan e-NV200 producing just 0.1 tonne of CO₂ per year. The model offers a 4.2m3 capacity and an impressive 703kg payload. Eight Rolec wall chargers power the fleet. Nissan’s 100,000 miles warranty influenced Jersey Post’s purchasing decision, and it plans to replace all vehicles with EVs as they come to end of life.


E-Connect Cars
E-Connect cars has provided over 100,000 passengers with quiet, smooth and emission free travel throughout the greater London area. Starting with five Nissan Leaf Teknas in January of 2014, the fleet and has now grown to 55 all electric vehicles. It was the first 100 per cent electric vehicle fleet in London to be able to offer clients an executive option with the Tesla model S, as well as a business class option with the top of the range Leaf.

Vital Energi
Vital was an early adopter of green technology, leasing its first hybrids in 2009. Already significantly below the EU emission standards, its fleet manager has adopted a philosophy of continuous improvement. A solar charging system has made a significant contribution towards the charging of PHEVs and so far the hybrids have completed over one million miles. 38 Citan 109 CDI BlueEfficiency extra-long vans and nine Sprinter 313 CDI BlueEfficiency SWB vans are leased, as well as a new BMW 1 Series pool car from AlphaCity, which reduces grey fleet usage. Emissions are down despite a substantial increase in numbers.

Energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar is on track to have all its road vehicles electrically powered by 2018. Its electric vehicles will be fully integrated with the company’s latest Virtue energy storage range of EV chargers, which provide both an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), alongside issuing a fast charge to connected cars. To showcase its capabilities, the company is installing Virtue EV charging stations at its facility in Sheffield. The stations will be available to guests and act as a demonstration tool for potential clients.

WEGO Couriers
WEGO Couriers was formerly Pedal Express, which initially purchased load carrying bicycles. This was supplemented by a fleet of electric vehicles as early as 2003, and the company now regularly delivers larger equipment, such as furniture items. WEGO subsequently went on to form a truly unique partnership with InterCity RailFreight (ICRF) which facilitates deliveries by high speed train between key UK cities that are faster and greener than existing road based couriers.

2015 Winner

Gnewt Cargo

This years' winning company has embraced EVs from the very start. With a fully electric fleet of cars, vans and modified bikes, producing 62% less CO₂ in comparison to similar operations, they epitomise what operating a “green fleet” is all about.


Vital Energi
O'Donovan Waste
Slimming World
OAL Group