Leasing Company of the Year


This award will be presented to the leasing company that has made the biggest strides towards environmental considerations in its leasing policies.

2017 Shortlist

Lex Autolease
Grosvenor Leasing

2016 Winner


Almost 10 per cent of the 23,109 plug-in grant-eligible cars and vans registered in the first eight months of 2016 are funded by or leased from Alphabet. Last year its electric fleet grew by 385 per cent and in August this year reached a total of 5,085 EVs and PHEVs.

Alphabet’s multi-user AlphaCity CarSharing vehicles will cover more than one million miles, with each car being shared by an average of 27 individual ‘mobility users’ via RFID cards. Improvements to AlphaCity include a zero emission Electric Vehicle version using the BMW i3.

To better serve the 30 per cent of its customers that don’t have a dedicated fleet manager, Alphabet has developed a range of outsourced products and services which enable its customers to focus on their core business while delivering greater flexibility and more efficient mobility for their employees. The company has also gained an Investors in People Silver Award – one of the few to achieve this at the first time of application. Independent surveys recorded a 2.2 per cent increase in overall customer satisfaction and a 2.4 per cent increase in customer loyalty.


Fleetdrive Electric
Fleetdrive have been delivering added-value fleet management solutions since 1994. In 2011 the Fleetdrive Electric division was established to deliver expertise at the forefront of the market for ULEVs in the fleet sector. Fleetdrive quickly identified that a significant barrier to businesses adopting EV technology is a lack of confidence in the product’s viability. It therefore introduced an EV flexi-lease service which enables organisations to conduct trials, testing and monitoring within practical applications to ensure suitability, without the need to commit beyond a 30-day period.

Fleetdrive has 572 PHEV’s on fleet, representing 29 per cent of the total. As well as generating cost-savings for their clients of well over £500,000 each year in fuel-savings alone, they also result in a combined CO2 reduction of 1132 tonnes p.a. Fleetdrive Electric’s dedication to promoting EVs within the fleet sector has resulted in the successful conversion of companies such as Nestle, Brompton
Bicycles and Gnewt Cargo to becoming serious EV users and an inspiration to others.

Leaseplan/Automotive Leasing
The fleet management apps and portals that came out of Leaspeplan’s Digital Transformation programme in 2015 have empowered drivers to manage their own vehicles and provide on-demand insight to fleet decision-makers. This, combined with an enhanced telematics solution, ensures that drivers benefit from a set of tools that can deliver genuine efficiency gains.

Leaseplan’s SwopCar car sharing solution is suited to a community of drivers within an organisation who can use an online reservation system to access a vehicle for a specified period. SwopCar’s smart technology tracks each vehicle, monitoring its fuel level, maintenance and cleanliness, automatically booking and carrying out relevant services. From the fleet manager’s perspective, usage data and other insights can also be tracked and costs can be allocated to departments or even individual employees. SwopCar can therefore not only deliver environmental benefits, but also improvements in employee engagement.

Five per cent of Leaseplan’s fleet are ultra low emssion, but as adoption still presents challenges for customers, Leaseplan has sought to drive down fleet emissions through a number of other measures.

2015 Winner

Automotive Leasing

Automotive Leasing has an all-encompassing “green” approach to the leasing of vehicles that also includes driver training, the introduction of a telematics system to influence driver behaviour and even a scheme that allows customers to use electric cars, free, for 6 months.



Lex Autolease

Fleetdrive Electric

Leasedrive Group